Quick Impact Pharma R&D Japan

Opening up a challenging horizon for strategic and
streamlined product development plans in Japan.
Broadening an exciting new frontier for the efficient will or
choice of development options in Japan.

QiPharma R&D Japan, only recently founded, is a consultancy that assists foreign pharmaceutical companies through optimally integrating global development framework into Japan and vice versa.

Mr. Norio Himori (Ph.D. in pharmacology at Tohoku University, 1977) leads QiPharma R&D Japan (Quick Impact Pharma R&D Japan, Sole Proprietorship).

Dr. Himori, over the past 30 yrs, has got involved in clinical/ non-clinical studies and NDA submission of a diverse range of therapeutic fields i.e., arthritis, hepatitis, infarction, hypertension, arrythmia, cognitive impairment, cancer, infection, skin disorder, inflammation, obesity, etc. In addition, he is familiar with orphan drug development pathways as well as its designation (PMDA*1, NIBIO*2, MHLW) .

*1 Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency

*2 National Institute of Biomedical Innovation

Upon his return to Japan after 2yrs postdoctoral fellowship at Ohio State University (1979 - 1981), Dr. Himori joined Roche Research Center as a senior pharmacologist and served until 1994, eventually rising to the position of Department Head and thereafter moved to/ busied himself at the Clinical Research Division of Roche in Tokyo as Department Head until 2006. In this capacity he managed global tripartite ClinPharm development coordination between Roche subsidiaries in Japan (Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), US and UK including with Roche HQs in Basel/ Switzerland for integrating Japan into the global development of Roche and vice versa.

In 2007, Dr. Himori joined Integrated Development Associates Co., Ltd. (IDA) in Tokyo and brought with him a wealth of R&D scientific expertise in planning development strategies for IDA's US and EU clients including the designing and execution of Japanese vs. Caucasian PK/ PD bridging trials as well as complex scientific and strategic issues or documentation encompassing global drug development scenarios and PMDA deliberations in tandem with key opinion leaders in Japan.